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About Bad Boy Dolly Corp.

Bad Boy Dolly Corp. is owned and operated by 69 year old William Harrison, and the founder of Custom Tow Dolly.

William founded and operated for 43 years a media blasting company that he retired from at 65 and then went into his retirement designing, fabricating tow dollies and utility trailers out of necessity because he couldn't find a tow dolly he felt was safe enough to tow his car.

William does all the designing, welding, electrical, every step in manufacturing each and every tow dolly that is produced in his shop.

William only works to completion each customers dolly, and takes the time to make sure every dolly will last a life time.

Of course the first couple of years, their were mistakes and much to learn, but now in 2022 we have perfected each dolly / trailer we make today we feel is the best tow dollies on the road today.

William also holds a NSM (National Safety Mark) by Transport Canada and his WMI (World Manufacturing Identification) and is able to VIN Tow Dollies and Trailers, as well as do complete trailer inspections.

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